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Does Exercise Promote Healthy Skin???

Whether we actually make a commitment to ourselves to exercise or not, we all know by now that exercise is something that promotes good health in people of every age. A moderate amount of exercise can reduce cholesterol. It can strengthen muscles including the heart, keep bones strong longer and many, many other fantastic things […]

June 21, 2016, Proper Skin Care
Foods That Promote Healthy Skin

One of the things you should consider doing if you want a healthy skin is to concentrate on healthy skin diets. There are foods you should always eat and there are those you should avoid like the plague if you want your skin to be healthy.  Being the largest body organ, the skin is greatly […]

June 20, 2016, Proper Skin Care
OceansPostionSunCare: Bedtime Skin Care Maintenance

Bedtime Skin Care Maintenance While it’s fairly common knowledge that going to bed without washing your face is bad for your skin, it’s not always clear what should follow in your evening skincare routine Should you exfoliate? When do you put on eye cream, Can you simply slather on an extra layer of lotion at […]

June 18, 2016, Proper Skin Care
OceansPotionSunCare: What Are Skin Pimples & How To Treat Them

Sooooo, what are pimples and how do you deal with them? Pimples are small skin lesions or inflammations commonly arising from clogged or infected pores. They are more common among adolescents but adults may also experience it. Pimples usually occur on the face and sometimes involving the neck, chest, back and upper arms. Pimples are […]

June 17, 2016, Proper Skin Care
Visiting The Beach: Proper Skin Care

Proper Skin Care when visiting the beach.   IT’S A FACT: The ocean is one big sun reflector. You’re more at risk for sunburns and sun damage on the shore than anywhere else!!!!!!!!!! You’re more at risk for sunburns and sun damage on the shore than anywhere else. Summer brings about more outdoor activities for […]

June 16, 2016, Proper Skin Care